Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rare Family Dinner

{ Emma's job: putting butter on the bread }
It is rare that we actually have a family dinner at home in our house.  My husband works nights and I work days so we have limited time together as a family and couple.  And on the nights he does have off, he usually likes to eat out since he makes pizza for a living and doesn't want to cook.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Creative Changes

{ new wool cable stitch bag }

{ inner polka dot lining }

While knitting this bag and feeling the wonderful 100% wool yarn between my fingers the thought suddenly hit me:  why use anything else.  So I have decided to start using natural fiber materials to make my bags. I am going to be working with wool and cotton yarns and using 100% cotton fabric to line the inside.  The high quality yarns will give my bags more luxury and appeal.  I am also hoping to work out a plan with my dad for him to make me special purse handles for a new clutch design I want to start making.  Another way to give my bags that extra special touch { I will have to keep you posted on that }.

So to clear out the items made with acrylic yarn I have put them all on sale in my other shop, Maggie's Hand Knits.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Come Join Me!

The Things We Find Inside

I would love for you to come join me at the "I love my online friends" Monday blog hop!!  Come find some great new blogs and make new friends.

Fun Pancake Sunday!!

{ Finished pancakes with sugar free syrup }


Today we made oatmeal pancakes .  I got the recipe from { my favorite online spot for finding fun new recipes to try }.  I didn't have buttermilk though so I substituted regular milk instead.  And I decided to add a chopped up banana as well.  


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cute New Accessory

After not being able to figure out which ear phones where mine the other day, I decided to get these little flower accessories for them from the hospital gift shop.  That way I will know which ones are mine. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Morning Madness

Yesterday morning was a bit of a disaster!

My husband normally gets my son, Evan,  up and ready for school since I normally leave for work at 5am.  But yesterday was one of the random day that I had to work later so I decided I would get him up and off to school and allow my husband to sleep.

What a mess!!  I got Evan up than normal to make sure we had plenty of time.  Tried to get him to take his medicine { that was about 30 minutes of wasted time } but he wound up not taking it in the end.  He did change his clothes without a fight though { Yeah, one for mom } and went right to getting his bowl of cereal.  But by this time is was time to leave.  Fixed his hair and out the door we went.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Time To Play....OUTSIDE!!

It is starting to get warmer outside which means I can now send the kids outside to play when they are being to loud and rowdy {all the time}.

Just look at them go!!!

{ Emma riding her bike }

{ Evan goofing around}

{ There she goes! }

{ drawing with chalk }

Thank God for outside play!!  Helps keep us mothers sane.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Some of My Latest Creations

These are some of the bags I have made lately.  They both sold right away so I am currently working on making more to add to my shop as well as a couple orders.

{Pink Crocheted Purse with Wooden Handles}

Shop and Blog Graphics

I am loving my graphics for my new shop and blog!!  Thank you Erin Bradley from Erin Bradley Designs!  She has been so great to help me out with making my shop, blog, Facebook, and even twitter looking great.  If you are in need of some really great graphics, you should really check her out. She was so great to work with and very nice {epecially when I am always changing my mind on what I want}.

Just check out this business card!  She really understands the importance of everything matching and looking great for your business branding.  Erin also has 2 other businesses, Ink Obsession Designs and ebeepaperie where you can find clip art, photo shop templates, invitations, cards and stationary...the list goes on.