Saturday, April 30, 2011

Miss Emma Struts Her Stuff

I just have to share these photos!!  As I was busy today taking and retaking product photos and listing new items in my Etsy Shop, I was interrupted by the noisy clank of shoes as Miss Emma came up the stairs.  Take a look at those boots!  She was so happy to have her picture taken in them, posing away.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Items

If you have read my About Me page, you would know that besides starting my own business, I also work full time at a children's hospital.  With the recent addition of Voceras { think walkie talkie that you clip to you } on our unit, I had been told several times that I should make I did.  And they have been a hit.  So much so that several nurses have suggested I market them to other units and our hospital gift shop.  I am not that daring yet { I am the shy, introverted type } but am already planning out steps to get me ready for such a daring adventure.

I found a great Etsy shop, Being Bags, that sells lanyard swivel clips that I need { I bought all the ones at the local craft shop }.  Can't wait to place my order!  I look forward to supporting fellow Etsy sellers by getting supplies from them instead of the chain craft stores. 

 I also got the super fun idea to make some flower badge holders.  They turned out awesome.  I loved wearing mine today.

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Toy

During my MANY trips to the fabric store, I have had my eye on these rotary cutters and finally decided to get one { I know, I am probably the last to get one of these babies }

I thought it would be extremely useful when cutting fabric for my key chains and other small projects.  It took me a while to figure it out and I must warn anyone who hasn't used one to BE CAREFUL.  I somehow managed to cut my hand { like a paper cut } and one wrong slip of the hand and there goes your piece of fabric.  Once I got the hang of it though, it came in very handy when cutting fabric for my lanyards.  

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back On The Fitness Wagon

{ image from }

I have been meaning to start working out again for quite some time.  I had stopped working out after developing some stomach issues and gaining weight despite all my hard work {nothing is more discouraging}.

After 6 months, I have gained 15 pounds and feel terrible about myself.  And to make matters worse, I overheard my 6 year old son say I was fat.  I think that was just the push I needed.

Today is day 1.  I still have stomach issues {but that is another story} so I know there are going to be days when I can't workout.  But I am going to do my best to stay positive and hopefully shed a couple pounds.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I usually don't enter very many giveaways { I just don't have the luck }, but I had to try to win this one from Birthday Girl.  I would LOVE to have this Epic Combo Kit from Lifestyle Crafts.  It would be so useful for birthdays, holidays, and everything in between.

I would especially love it to make great little cards to include when shipping one of my bags.  I might have to buy one if I don't win.  Be sure to enter for your chance to win too!!! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Show and Tell

Show and Tell is definitely my favorite thing these days.  I love to take my bags to work and show them off.  I love to even show them off to my husband and you know he's not too interested.  I just can't help myself.  And I love to show my items off to all of you too!!

So here is what I have been working on this week.

{Large Hob Bag with Flap Closure}

{Large Hobo Bag}

{Small Makeup Bag}

{Flower Key Chain}

As you can see, I like to use up all my fabric.  I am using the bag in the first picture and I love it.  I have gotten lots of compliments on it, too. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Just for Me!

I am pretty notorious for making things for other people and never for myself, always listing items immediately in my shop.  But this time I am keeping one for myself.

I just love this clutch.  I can't wait to get to use it.  I am normally a Big Bag kinda girl, carrying everything with me.  But I love the cute little ones for movie/date night.  And this one is just perfect. 

I am going to list it as "made when ordered" in my shop though { until I can get another made } so everyone else has the opportunity to have this little beauty. 



I have been sewing away for several days now and loving it.  Creating my Mini Wallets and wristlets.  I still have a pattern I want to try for an across the body or over the shoulder hobo bag that I think will be perfect for trips to the zoo this summer and vacation at the beach....

But something terrible has happened!  My sewing machine is letting me down.  I am thinking I am either going to have to send it to a repair shop or buying  a new one.  Both options are really going to put a halt to my product production and I have customer orders to make.  EKKKKK!!!

{ clutch still awaiting the wrist strap }
{ clutch waiting for strap and liner to be finished }

So here are the problems:  the top thread keeps getting jammed in the bottom { i keep taking out the bottom thread and redoing it trying to fix the problem }, it acts as if the needle just can't go through the fabric layers, and now my top thread is breaking.  I think I figured out why the top thread keeps breaking, the metal plate  has some "burs" in it where the needle has hit it and made rough spots that keep catching the thread and breaking it.  I have no idea where to get a new plate though and I can't get the damaged one off.

So in a panic, I decided to go ahead and purchase a new machine.  Who has time to wait on one to be fixed when you have orders to make?  I will most likely wind up getting the old one fixed to make sure I have a back up and don't run into this problem again. 


Sunday, April 10, 2011

A couple new items!!

I have been having lots of fun sewing this weekend.  Here are a couple of my creations.

{ new Mini Wallets }

{ clutch with removable strap }

{ pink plaid wristlet }

{ wristlet with removable strap }

I am loving the pink flower fabric!!  I have to make one for myself!!  I am terrible about not making anything for myself.  But I just have to have one for myself.  The hot pink plaid fabric I got for my sister who love pink and bright colors.  She loves it.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

FTLOB Handmade Trade

I participated in the For The Love of Blogs Handmade Trade recently.  Those of us who wished to participate where paired up with another person to trade a handmade item with.  I was paired up with Renae  from Olivers Inspired Mama .  I think I got the better deal for sure.

Renae made me a gorgeous light pink and green bracelet.  I LOVE bracelets and those are 2 of my favorite colors.  Poor Renae got a set of my bright colored coasters, not nearly as cool as my bracelet.

I just loved the packaging and the note.  It was such a nice touch.

Thanks Renae for the gorgeous bracelet!!!!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's New

I feel like I have been slacking these past couple days.  Like I have neglected my blog, Facebook Page, and Twitter.  But I have been working away!

Look at these little cuties!!  I had to urge to sew, found a tutorial online, and went to work.  I made several of these Mini Wallets between taking care of my sick husband, feeding and bathing the kids, and doing laundry and dishes. They are just as addicting to make as the girl said.  And I especially loved the first step.

I purchased a couple great patterns to try from a fellow Etsy Seller Sweat Pea Totes.  So far I am super impressed with the detailed instructions, complete with tons of pictures and even patterns to print.  I will be sure to share how it went.

I also ordered some more tiny labels to put on  my Mini Wallets in the future.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Truly Lovely

Turly Lovely is having a 200 fan giveaway soon and invited me to be a sponsor!  I whipped up this little bag just for this special occasion.  

{ inside view }

I knit this bag out of 55% Bamboo and 45% Wool yarn in a cable pattern .  It has a 100% cotton fabric lining in a cute polka dot pattern.  It has 2 small pockets, magnet closure, and wood handles.  Measures 9" x 1 " x6".  $40 value.

Be sure to stop by to help them reach 200 and for your chance to win!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Picture Monday

{ These flowers somehow survived a whole WEEK riding around in my cars trunk }


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun Pancake Sunday!!

Today's pancakes were Cinnamon Raisin Banana.  I used Hungry Jack Pancake mix today since I was out of eggs and then simply added in some cinnamon until I thought it looked good { maybe 2 tsp }.  Then sliced up a banana, mixed it in along with a sprinkling of raisins.  I cooked them over medium heat until golden brown on each side.  Then topped them off with sugar free syrup.  Delicious!!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bag Modeling: Inside vs. Outside

{ Taken inside the house }

Today I had my son take some new pictures of my bags with me holding them.  My picture taking skills are really lacking and I am constantly trying to improve them.  And right now they are all taken with my new iPhone { I can't remember for the life of me how to upload from my other digital cameras and honestly the picture quality of my phone is better }.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog Hopin!


One of my favorite things to do { besides knitting } is grab a cup of hot coffee and start blog hopin!  I find so many great blogs and get the chance to make new friends.

Today I will be hopin at theFab Friends Friday and Thank Goodness It's Friday blog hops.  Come join me in finding great new blogs and making new friends!!