Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Couple Changes to My Etsy Shop!

I am in trouble again for spending too much time crafting {as if that is possible} so I sadly removed all of my "made when ordered" items from my shop so that I won't suddenly get an order and be pressured to get it done right away.  And I had the tag line removed from my shop banner and love it. 

Today I sold one of my super cute makeup bags {yeah} but when I pulled it out of my treasure chest {yep, I store my items in a treasure chest my dad made me for Christmas} I was upset to see that the stitches were peeking out along the bottom seam.  There was no way I was selling it like that so I made a new one right away.  I want to make sure that every item I sell is the best quality.  And I am super picky!

I also want to start sending a little something extra with my items as a Thank You so with this one I sent a matching flower Yo-Yo pin that she could decorate her makeup bag or other items with.  I think it turned out super cute.


  1. Really cute bag! Following you as part of the TGIF blog hop!

  2. I too have an etsy shop. Really love your bags and the presentation of the wrapping is great. Customers love that. I am a newbie to etsy still learning getting my feet wet.
    I am your newest GFC. I am also following you via TGIF please follow me.

  3. That's adorable, and a sweet idea! Following from the Saturday Stalk ReMix hop!