Monday, March 21, 2011

Time To Play....OUTSIDE!!

It is starting to get warmer outside which means I can now send the kids outside to play when they are being to loud and rowdy {all the time}.

Just look at them go!!!

{ Emma riding her bike }

{ Evan goofing around}

{ There she goes! }

{ drawing with chalk }

Thank God for outside play!!  Helps keep us mothers sane.


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  2. Isn't spring great...the kiddos are probably just as excited about it as we moms are. Thanks for stopping by; following you back.

  3. so cute! I can't wait for it be continuously warm. We had a few warm days and now it's supposed to be cold the next few:( Thanks fpr following Mommy Time Out

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  6. Looks like the kids are happy about it too.

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