Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Sneak Peek At My Craft Process

My Badge Blossoms are such a big hit so I decided to give a little sneak peek into how I make them {can't give away all my secrets}.  I took a few photos as I was making these beauties.

First I make my this part.  I love to make fabric buttons because they always match and look awesome.  Plus they are lots of fun to make.  I am sure I will be coming up with more great uses for these buttons. 

Then I cut out my fabric squares out of my chosen fabric.  When I have multiple orders, I like to have all my buttons made and all my fabric cut before I start to make the flowers.  My table is covered in these little piles all ready to be made.

Each little fabric square gets folded and pinned in place. I think they look like little grasshoppers at this point. 

Once it is assembled, I have a beautiful Badge Blossom ready to make it's new owner smile.

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