Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crafting with my helper

Today I spent all day crafting...badge holders, lanyards, and key chains...with my faithful sidekick, Emma.  She loves to color and make stuff.

This is how it usually looks when I am making my badge a disaster.  I normally like things to be tidy and organized but I guess my crafting area is different.  I can't wait until I get my own craft room.  And hopefully it will be a little more organized.


  1. Hello, I'm a new gfc follower of your blog from "Say Hi Sunday":)

    I love crafts, that looks like so much fun.

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  3. When my kids were young they always enjoyed helping me with all my crafts! I am still hopping thru from Sunday's Blog Hops, trying to get to everyone on the lists I joined! Follow Back Please @ and/or on facebook @

  4. I can't find a way to follow you...please msg me on fb and let me know how I can!