Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Favorite Tool!

Tools aren't just for the guys!  Every crafter needs lots of different tools.  My #1 tool is my glue gun.  I just use a little cheapy but it works great...or at least it did until a couple days ago {I must have worn it out}.

I simply can't survive without my glue gun so I ran right away to the local craft store to get a new one.  While I was there I decided to go ahead and get the non-stick mat I had been looking at for a long time but kept putting of.  I had been using a piece of wax paper up until now :( 

Well, it is amazing!!  I am so glad I finally got it.  The glue comes right off like magic.  If you are a glue gun addict like me, you have got to get this!


  1. I've never seen those non-stick mats. They sound cool! I have a little cheapo too. A little pink one and I love it! haha

  2. thanks for following my old blog i now have an new blog that i hope you will also follow hope to see you there :) xx