Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tutorial: How To Make A Framed French Picture Board

  Picture Frame
Fabric {I used 1/2 a yard}
glue gun and glue sticks

Carefully remove the glass from the picture frame and put is a safe place.   Measure the inside of the picture frame and cut a piece of batting that size.  Place the batting on top of the board that goes on the back of the picture frame.

Cut a piece of fabric big enough to wrap around the sides of the board.  I sat my board on top of the fabric and cut around it.

Place the fabric right side down, place the batting on top, and then the board on top.  Wrap the sides of the fabric around the edges, pulling tight, and staple, being careful around the corners{I used a regular paper staple}.  Trim any large amounts of excess fabric.

Cut strips of fabric long enough to fold around the edges and place where you want them.  You can do as many strips of ribbon as you want.  Staple the ribbon in place where they over lap.

Turn the board over.  Pulling tightly on the ribbons, staple them on the back of the board, making sure they are not twisted on the front.  Trim any extra ribbon.

Now you are ready to apply the buttons.  I made fabric covered button since I love them so much :)

Using your glue gun, glue the buttons on top of where you stapled the ribbons.  I had to use a large amount of blue since I had to fill in the back of the buttons.

Carefully place the board into the picture frame and secure it into place.  You now have a fabulous looking french photo board ready to hang and display your cards and photos.

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  1. was just thinking of doing this to a cork board that is already posted up on my daughters wall. the only hitch is that it is already up so I may have less Clean edges but this is great!
    found you on Sunday free...hopw you will check us out too at
    cathy and becca