Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Kitchen Makeover: Step One

Yay!! I am finally all moved thanks to the help of my friends and family. I felt as if I had hardly anything to move but it took several trips and lots of stairs climbing. Phew! Not looking forward to having to ever do that again.

Now it is on to the fun part...decorating!

We moved into an apartment and they had just redone the kitchen floor and counters and repainted the cabinets. It looked okay but not quit my style or what I was imagining.

My first step is to repaint the walls. I picked turquoise...my new favorite color :)

This is my "before" shot of the kitchen
Just getting underway

I even pulled out the fridge!!

Step one is all finished...walls are painted
My helper, Lucy

Check out my helper sleeping on the job!

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