Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bag Modeling: Inside vs. Outside

{ Taken inside the house }

Today I had my son take some new pictures of my bags with me holding them.  My picture taking skills are really lacking and I am constantly trying to improve them.  And right now they are all taken with my new iPhone { I can't remember for the life of me how to upload from my other digital cameras and honestly the picture quality of my phone is better }.

So I picked a simple outfit and went to work.  I edited them with an online photoshop program since they were pretty dark looking when I uploaded them to my online shop.

{ inside }

{ inside }

Then I went outside later and had my daughter take some pictures for me.

{ Picture taken outside }

The only thing I did to the outside pictures was crop them!  I think the outside pictures are such an improvement.  I did run into some problems with the sun's glare because of it's location so tomorrow I will have the rest retaken when the sun isn't right behind me. 


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