Monday, April 11, 2011


I have been sewing away for several days now and loving it.  Creating my Mini Wallets and wristlets.  I still have a pattern I want to try for an across the body or over the shoulder hobo bag that I think will be perfect for trips to the zoo this summer and vacation at the beach....

But something terrible has happened!  My sewing machine is letting me down.  I am thinking I am either going to have to send it to a repair shop or buying  a new one.  Both options are really going to put a halt to my product production and I have customer orders to make.  EKKKKK!!!

{ clutch still awaiting the wrist strap }
{ clutch waiting for strap and liner to be finished }

So here are the problems:  the top thread keeps getting jammed in the bottom { i keep taking out the bottom thread and redoing it trying to fix the problem }, it acts as if the needle just can't go through the fabric layers, and now my top thread is breaking.  I think I figured out why the top thread keeps breaking, the metal plate  has some "burs" in it where the needle has hit it and made rough spots that keep catching the thread and breaking it.  I have no idea where to get a new plate though and I can't get the damaged one off.

So in a panic, I decided to go ahead and purchase a new machine.  Who has time to wait on one to be fixed when you have orders to make?  I will most likely wind up getting the old one fixed to make sure I have a back up and don't run into this problem again. 


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