Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Items

If you have read my About Me page, you would know that besides starting my own business, I also work full time at a children's hospital.  With the recent addition of Voceras { think walkie talkie that you clip to you } on our unit, I had been told several times that I should make I did.  And they have been a hit.  So much so that several nurses have suggested I market them to other units and our hospital gift shop.  I am not that daring yet { I am the shy, introverted type } but am already planning out steps to get me ready for such a daring adventure.

I found a great Etsy shop, Being Bags, that sells lanyard swivel clips that I need { I bought all the ones at the local craft shop }.  Can't wait to place my order!  I look forward to supporting fellow Etsy sellers by getting supplies from them instead of the chain craft stores. 

 I also got the super fun idea to make some flower badge holders.  They turned out awesome.  I loved wearing mine today.


  1. Thanks Erin! I am having so much fun making them and showing them off :)